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    Tutorial Collection + Help

    Hey guys,

    so ive been using UDK at collage for some time now and am happily trundling along the learning curve using the many, many tutorials out there.

    however here's my snag, i seem to have some of the official UDK tutorials missing, and i cant seem to find a complete asset pack anywhere.

    heres one of the most resourceful links ive found which im currently using

    - -

    but it seems to lack a complete asset pack (found at the bottom of the page) in particular I'm looking for the particle asset pack to go with the particle tutorials.

    Please careful on what you post (don't want to be downloading any Content that are meant to be paid for.) as I'm looking to build a small collection to give to my tutor for future students to reference.

    if anyone could help me it would be greatly apreciated,