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My 1st Map: Mushroom Madness

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    My 1st Map: Mushroom Madness

    Hello everyone,

    I'm Videshi, and I'm pretty new to the UDK, but I've been working with it for about 2-3 weeks now on Mondays, and occasional evenings. I'm a 3d animator (Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop kinda guy) and I thought it would be fun to make a quick environment. It would give me some overall practice and I'd be done it in a day, right?

    Well, it turns out I went kind of crazy when I re-discovered how much fun mapping is. It was just supposed to be the inside of this big hollow mushroom, but I ended up going kind of nuts on it and it's turning out to be a pretty fun level.

    There are a lot (a lot!) of errors, texture maps that could be re-sized, static meshes that could use some tweaking... but I think it's time to call this one done and continue planning my next map. Now that I know how addictive this is I'm actually going to try making something much more professional!

    Here are some shots:

    Basically it's a giant mushroom on a hill. The mushroom is surrounded by a "moat" of painful gas... but if you're careful, it's worth exploring! The inside of the giant mushroom is hollow, with several floors above the ground floor. You can either take a jump pad up there or go up the spiral-tunnel in the walls, ducking when you reach the incorrectly sized upward ramps that I'm too lazy to fix/remake.

    So... I'm not sure where to post the map so that you can DL it. Does anyone have a good suggestion of where to put it up?

    PS: If you're interested in my work you can find more at

    Good start, however, you'll get more feedback here:

    As to uploading it, most people use File Front.


      Thanks Piranhi!

      I just signed up and uploaded, and I also posted this where you suggested.

      Here's the link!