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How can I 'attach actor' (spotlight movable) using script?

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    How can I 'attach actor' (spotlight movable) using script?

    Im finally starting to understand a bit about scripting, and I've been trying to work out how I'd attach a spotlight to the player with script. Maybe

    Would it be a new script like 'Class craplight extends light' or would it just involve editing the myplayercontroller script with a line or 2 copied from a UT script that contains the light system?

    Im trying to make a proper torch, that dont just point horizontally, but vertically too. I've got the idea, I would just attach actor to the right hand bone of the player 'b_IK_Hand_R'. How i'd write this in script though I dont know, I've only just grasped the basic. For some reason the spotlight (movable) wont attach to the player, using Kismet or the manual 'properties' way.

    I hope some1 can help me figure out this script!


    Well I am not entirely sure but you might be able to add a skeletal mesh torch to the character's hand using the sockets and then just join the light at point with the skeletal mesh torch but I am not sure on the matter.