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Constructing Rooms out of Planes

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    Constructing Rooms out of Planes

    I am building an interior scene with the walls, floor and roof made up of a lot of repeating tiles, and since the user will never go outside it seems easy to make this up of planes, like this:

    Is this a wise choice?

    I noticed that planes have a few quirks, such as:

    Can't generate flush collisions
    Can't see them from the back side

    Is there any way to fix these issues? I'm not sure if planes are used or not in many games, if anyone could help me out with this it would be appreciated.

    I wouldn't recommend it. You're not going to save anything memory wise doing this, and planes are really flaky.


      The upside to using planes though, is less tri count and the fact that a square plane will have a complete lighting channel (I mean the UVs can take up the entire UV space, instead of having a rectangle unfolded).

      I just wish that they had proper collisions!


        I don't think the tris matter thaaat much unless you're making a lot of these rooms

        In this case I would just use a subtractive world and subtract cubes out (the way UE2 worked)