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My First Level WIP Fungus Amongus

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    My First Level WIP Fungus Amongus

    I'm working my first level design I sketched my idea out in photoshop with the color pallet I want before I started. At the moment I have a lot of UDK assets in the level, but only as place holders. I plan on eventually completely replacing them with custom built content. The character is also ours my brother is learning programming while I learn the rest of the stuff for now. The character is animated but not yet textured I will be posting my progress of major changes please let us know what you think along the way. Thanks a lot!

    In the spawn area I have desaturated the level a small amount, but once you step through the waterfall I plan to have many varieties of bright vivid exotic plants and fungus as if you're entering a new world.

    The game is going to be a mele fighter (SporeWarz), we have yet to decide if it will be made in the typical fighter style confined to a small area, or if it will be used for multiple players in a large arena type match.

    How did I and everyone miss this? Probably should of posted in projects show off
    forum. I love the idea of a monotone environment leading to a saturated environment.