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Directional light not casting shadows?

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    Directional light not casting shadows?

    Hi Forum,

    I am a bit puzzled as to why I am getting shows from my player and terrain, but not from my imported static meshes?

    All the relevant Cast shadow and Accept dynamic light tick boxes are active

    Any ideas or help will be appreciated

    Many Thanks

    Did you make sure you Lighting channel settings are correct?


      What is your lightmap resolution on that floor?


        well... let's start with the usual question first. I notice you have a skydome in your scene. Have you set it so that it won't cast any shadows. if you didn't the only shadow you'll see is the one coming from the skydome.


          Skydome is not casting shadows. I believe the lightmap resolution on the floor is 32 - I will check this when on my main machine - how would this effect things?

          I am unsure of what you mean by lighting channel settings - Is this something I have to set before I import? I use 3DS Max - any help is much appreciated.



            Look under the static mesh properties, under Lighting> Lighting Channels. For static meshes, the default "Static" should be checked. Then make sure your directional light is broadcasting light in the same channel. (Light properties, under Light component>Lighting channels). "Static" should also be checked.


              Thanks BIOS, you pointed me in the right direction - the static checkboxes were already ticked so that part was ok.

              I had not set up a lighting channel before export from max - this is what I did to fix the problem in case anybody else comes across this headache.

              In Max after the Unwrap modifier is applied and UV's have been layed out just apply another Unwrap modifier and change the map channel to 2. Then export as normal and once you rebuild lighting your static mesh will now receive and project nice shadows

              I still have one problem - my floor which was a BSP which I converted to a static mesh - is there a way to set up lightmaps for it within UDK or will I have to import one with the above method?

              Thanks again


                The lightmap UVs need to have unique uv coordinate, ie no overlapping. So you might find the the uvs on channel 1 aren't appropriate for the lightmap uvs on channel 2.

                Unless you want vertex lighting on your floor (yuck), the floor that you've created would need a second uv channel for the lightmaps.

                I'm not sure how creating a lightmap channel helped your mesh cast a shadow though, that part doesn't make sense to me, but I'm glad you got it working.