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My elevator is lovely apart from one thing.

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    My elevator is lovely apart from one thing.

    Everything apeared to be working fine right up until the time i'm calling the elevator down from another level. I have an int that is assigned 0-2 dependant on the level it is on, when the bottom trigger is activated a comparison starts between that variable and '1' if it is less than the doors will automatically open as the elevator is already on the ground, if it is equal it should play the matinee sequence for traversing to the middle floor in reverse and THEN open, same goes for the top floor.

    When i was testing this out i jumped in traveled to the middle and then ran back downstairs. The doors automatically opened which they shouldn't of and the elevator didn't move

    I've figured out that when the comparison is taking place it is always coming back with the first option, even if i set the int to -100 it will still think that 0 is less than that..

    Here are some screenshots of that set up:

    I would put a different trigger on each floor and assign it an int value to dictate which floor you are triggering from. First thing after that, check if the elevator's int matches the trigger int and then run the sequences from there. It appears the elevator is only checking whether or not it is on A floor (any floor) and then opening the doors if it is.

    Also, what if it's on the top floor and you're on the bottom and then what if you're on the bottom and it's on the top? Is it going to skip the middle floor going both ways?

    I don't see anywhere that 'floor' is being set to a different floor than 0. Once the elevator hits a particular floor, say 1st floor, it should be set to 1 after it finishes.

    You should also log your key comparisons to see which order they are firing in and then you can track what is happening that way and interrupt anything that isn't in the right sequence with more comparisons.


      First off this is so far only when you trigger the elevator from the bottom floor hang on a sec i'll get screenies of the whole thing. But its basically saying which floor the elevator is on. then reversing the incline matinee to get the elevator down