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Lightmass Picking up too much color from materials.

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    Lightmass Picking up too much color from materials.

    I'm having a small issue with Lightmass picking up too much of the color from my materials in my Levels.

    while it's nice that it does this, it seem to be doing this so strongly that my level tend to be washed out with the strong colors of my Materials.

    I honestly would like to some how mute the color pickup of the bounced light.

    Here I'll give you some examples.

    UDK Issue 01 - With Materials
    Here is a shot with the materials visible. The walls should be orange (like they are) and the floor 25% gray. Which it's not.

    UDK Issue 02 - Just Shadows
    Here Is the same shot only stripped of the materials. Notice how the walls hardly get any of the orange color pick up, while the floor is swimming in it. Not good for my needs.

    UDK Issue 03 - Material Setup x4
    Here is a shot with the material network I used for all 4 of these. I guess I could have done this with Material instances, but I figured why the hell not just make each it's own material and just change one or two properties as needed.

    this isn't the first time I've come across this issue, but I have no idea how to fix this from happening. It would be nice if I could fix this in a per material basis so that some materials would be like what I have or some degree lower, while others would be nearly off and only bounce white(ish) light.

    I'm pretty sure this is a Lightmass issue but it may be material setup or even a combination of both. I just don't know which...

    In your worldinfo you can adjust DiffuseBoost, as its 5 by default (at least in my version of the engine). Less will give you less colour pickup.

    You can also change that setting on a per material or material-instance basis afaik.


      Sorry if im kinda thread jacking but could you plx share that material, i have been looking for theese hammer style measurement textures.

      Your first Issue is with the ammount of light is beeing bounced from your orange walls to your flor right. This can be turned down in your Lightmass Settings in either the World Properties or you can adjust it for every induvidual light.

      Fir your second problem i would have to know what your settings for your light are. Im not a pro at Lightmass at all but seems like your bounces saturation are tuned alot higher than default.


        Worked like a charm, thank you...

        Here's a Proof Video: YouTube - Lightmass Issue fixed

        I did this with the material itself turning the Diffuse Boost to zero. I'll adjust this later to get some pick up back later.

        Hay not a problem, I can give you the File itself, and take a peek at the Materials/Texture to see how I did this.

        Better yet, if you want I can show you how easy this actually is to make. It's really not that hard to do. ask and I'll make a tutorial video of how I did it.

        Heres the Package with my materials: dev_materials.upk


          It would be really sweet with a video tutorial. If its not to bothersome.


            Okay... give me a couple of days...


              sorry againt for threadjacking but i think your issues has been solved right? I tried making them 256x256 image with just the text and a border.....looked really ****ty >_<


                Yeah I've pretty much got my answer, so no worries about thread jacking. anything after the answer is purely idle gab anyways. but it's gab i seem to be enjoying so what the hell.

                So about the Materials, I'll give you some idea into my process for making these work for my needs. after all while I can't really replace it, I don't have to use the blue checker default material. I just hate it so much.

                The Trick is the hammer Version said they fit perfectly on a wall 128x128 but the hammers images where in fact 512x512. That means that it was scaled down 4 times smaller then it's source image.

                I just made a White on black image if you'll notice in the upk, that 512x512 that climed to be for a wall that is 256x256 I then used a Linear Interpolate Expression to define the two colors of the texture. On is the white lines and text, the other is for the backing color to replace the black areas.

                the trick is this. When Placed on a surface that 256x256, it won't scale correctly. It's still a 512px texture. So I used a Texture Coordinate expression plugged into the Texture Samples UVs input to both fix and hard set the Tiling of the Material so that while it's a 512px image driving the material, it's going to appear as a 256.

                Most of VALVe's Source SDK textures/materials are 512 but fit in squares of 128 like this Wall dev texture. this is how Valve packed detail into the game.

                In UDK, I've looked at the 2D Textures them selves and many, if not most of them, are 512 few are 1024 and even fewer are any other sized in between or below these measurements.

                It seems that getting the most bang for your buck with textures/materials is the real key here.

                Characters seem to get the 1024x1024 textures while most of the walls floor and the like get 512x512. Rarely does a single item get a huge texture dedicated to just that one Item. and that seems mostly reserved for speedtree assets.

                I guess it all comes down to trial and error.

                when I first started making these materials, I did like you said, I made my self a 256 texture with the 2 different images in the colors you find in hammer. then I thought of a diffent way to do this, which Kinda worked but I found an even better way.

                I also studied the VALVe Original a little bit and came up with my own version.

                Mine have a thin 1px boarder on all side of the image. the VALVe Version has a 2px Boarder on the Left and top edges only. I didn't want to fully copy the VALVe versions after all.

                With all this in mind, I picked a size and I am running with it. the more practice I get in this field, the better I seem to be getting with ever little issue I get answers for. If I can't figure out the answer, I just hope some one either here or 3DBuzz has it and willing to share that answer.

                Well hope these ideas help, and that you enjoy the Materials in that package I uploaded for you. take care, I'll let you know if I upload those videos. I tried making it as one single tutorial video but it seems i can't show how to do this in 10 minutes. HAHAHA. guess I'll have to split it into a couple of videos.

                Oh Visceral? Do you use Photoshop, or gimp? It really doesn't matter the basic idea is the same in either case. But it may be more helpful to show you in one of those two right off the bat.


                  Cant tell how helpful this was, here is the result. This is what i have been missing the most from Hammer.


                    good job, turned out nicely.

                    Looks like you used the board on all the edges rather then just the left and top edge. I found this to visually be more sound to me.

                    I despise the Blue and Gray checkerboard default material. to me it just seems nasty. I wish there was a way to change the default material to say the Orange or gray Hammer style grid squares, but if I can just replace it all as need that works too I guess.


                      Yeah the blue/gray checkers is really the worst >_< it dosnt make a good job for WIP's at all. And with lightmass it produces horrible blue light all over. Yeah and about the texture on the first attempt i was kinda lazy and just did a drag selection all over the image and went with a 2px stroke.



                        what I ended up doing was actually very quick with photoshop... Since Photoshop allows you to snap to edges of the canvas, I just made a layer of white, and then used a fixed sized Marquee Selection box set at 510x510 and just snapped the box to the lower right corner thus making the top and left edges 2px white.

                        The Text I just used Ariel, bold 12pt for the label and 18pt for the Size Data. Worked out really well for me.

                        The ones you made look fine and dandy. Great work again.