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Prefab Lift Not Moving

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    Prefab Lift Not Moving

    I created a lift consisting of 4 meshes. I wanted to make a lift such that it moves downwards when the player steps on it. To group the meshes, I selected all the meshes and converted it to a prefab. Then i went to kismet. But there was no option to add the event 'mover'. So I used the convert method. But after i created a matinee track, the prefab does not move on playing the track. Instead the box 'P' denoting the track only moves.
    How can I make the mesh move?

    On a second attempt, i did with 1 mesh and went to kismet and there was option to add the event mover. So i could easily make the lift go down by adding a track in matinee.

    On my third attempt, i used the 4 static meshes together and selected them all. I did not create a prefab. Instead I went to kismet and added the event mover. There was a mover for each mesh. I know this is a wrong method. As i will have to make a separate track for each mesh to move.

    So my problem is, how to make a prefab move as a lift? Please help.

    Come on somebody please reply. Over 50 views and no replies.


      Make everything work the way you want *before* you create the prefab.

      For your third attempt, you need to attach the four movers together somehow - pick one as the "parent", then attach the other three two it by editing the Attachment->Base property (you'll probably also want to "hard attach").

      Now animate the parent in Matinee and the attached actors will move too.


        I actually forgot about this thread. Ya thats exactly how I got it done. Thanks for ur reply.
        I ahd to play a bit in kismet to get the lift alternate from moving up and down. But got it done at the end.