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Odd lighting behavior.

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    Odd lighting behavior.

    I know there's something simple I'm missing here. None of the tutorials I've done have had this problem. But it's become prominent with a particular occurrence and I need to remedy it.

    It seems that lights I set up anywhere in the environment have their intended effect upon the static and dynamic meshes I import and place, but then extend beyond and interact with the other lights in weird ways.

    Examples can be found in these two images.

    In case these images don't link for you guys you can click on whatever Imageshack sticks up there to go directly to it. What's happening is that significantly dimmer lights from an isolated room off to the side are mingling with the lighting effects from outside that room through the wall, creating these odd black squares. How do I get rid of this?

    Possibly related is what can be found in this picture. The light isn't distributed across the surfaces normally, but instead light each entire mesh universally. This leads to meshes taking a checkerboard-like appearance in shade, making it overtly obvious the individual meshes that make up the floor. What do I do to remedy this?

    In exhibit C, we see two narrow shadows coming from above the door, painting themselves across the wall and floor. The problem is that the mesh creating these shadows is in the wall above the door in the next room and cannot be seen in the room where this shot was taken. How is it visible here?

    If you could view the previous image, this problem here is obvious. After being opened and closed, this interp actor door has gone completely black. How the heck is this happening?

    And finally, with no screenshot to accompany, there is one occasion where the player is in a dark room and opens a door to a bright room. While the bright room is well lit, the light doesn't spill out to illuminate the area of the floor next to the door in the dark room. This should be an easy fix if I knew how to do it.

    So in short, slew of lighting problems, all I feel are easy fixes that I cannot seem to find. Any help would be greatly, monumentally appreciated.

    On an unrelated note, I've got one BSP actor cluttering my scene that I can neither move nor delete. How am I to rid myself of this eyesore?

    Doesn't look like you're using light mass. Are these all dynamic lights?


      I've got a Lightmass Importance Volume surrounding the entire stage. Most of my lights are Point Lights, and all of them have Cast Dynamic Shadows checked, along with Composite Dynamic, Dynamic, and Static under Lighting Channels.

      On the upside, my BSP is gone. I have no clue where it went or why, but that's a problem solved.


        Bump in hope of some more help.



          I've been having this problem myself lately. I think what fixed it for me was going through all my lights and unticking Force Dynamic Light (under Light -> LightComponent).