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Static Mesh lighting issues - advice needed!

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    Apart from the lighting problems, this looks like it will be a sick map. Looks a little bit like the area I live in, redbricked terrace houses as far as the eye can see, and a stupid amount of mosques and halal shops everywhere, with the old local church vandalised by idiot muslim kids. Are you planning a game out of this, or a graphical presentation? GTA UK


      Originally posted by heroicsatsuma View Post
      What do you mean by fixing the smooth groups - I use 3ds max and am having this issue on import into UDK

      I have cleared all smooth groups before export but am still experiencing this problem - I thought as my model is all hard edges i wouldn't need smoothing groups to be specified - Is this incorrect?

      To get all hard edges, clearing the smoothing groups is not going to work. Even though inside Max it would seem just fine, when you import this mesh into UDK it will in fact get a single smoothing group on the whole mesh. To get all hard edges you need apply smoothing groups accordingly. A simple auto smooth with a really small angle like 2 or whatever, will do the trick.


        Something similar is happening with my walls, I just imported these from 3dsMax, they are just boxes so I dont see how smoothing groups would be an issue. I set the lightmap resolution to 128 for kicks, but there's no difference. Interestingly the floors seem to be fine - they are a different static mesh.

        I plan to make these more intricate in the future that is why I'm not using BSP for these.

        Does anyone have insight into what is going on?