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Soccer game question.

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    Soccer game question.

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. I'm new to UDK but not to unreal engine and as an artist I find it awesome to be able to handle that amount of power without programming knowledge.
    Althought I've heard everything is possible using UDK, that is actually not true when you're just an artist.

    I would like my first videogame to be a simple soccer one and I'm not sure if that's even possible using only kismet. I could get a hang on some programmers but the purpose of this post is to ask more experience people how would be the best way to set up a pawn and attach a karma actor (the soccer ball)

    I'm not asking a tutorial of course, just a simple opinion from you would be nice.

    How (if possible) would you set up a pawn to carry a karma ball wherever you move it.

    Thanks in advance, I hope I could be of help anytime in the future.

    I would just create a physics mesh (soccer ball) and put triggers in the net. You can't get too far without script. Kismet is best used for simple things such as trigger activation, sound toggle etc...