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Shadows on CSG surfaces

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    Shadows on CSG surfaces

    Hello, im having a bit of a problem here I couldnt find the problem I was having on the forums so I decided to make a new topic. Im trying to cast a shadow through a static mesh grate to add an atomespheric feel to the level.

    But i end up with this

    However the shadows are casting on to static meshs i get a much more desirable result

    Is there anyway I can make shadows cast like this onto a CSG surface?

    Thanks for your time!

    You can, with a bit of experimentation. Select the CSG surface (by left clicking on it so it's highlighted in blue) and then bring up the Surface Properties window. (View > Surface Properties, or press F5)

    You'll want to be changing the Lightmap Resolution value. Default is 32x32 so try increasing to 128 or 256 until you have a result you are happy with. Obviously you will get some reduced performance and higher memory usage but no more than if you'd used a static mesh.


      Thanks a bunch mate


        No, if you want sharper, more detailed shadows, on CSG you have to lower the number. It means lightmap texels per certain area, not the amount of texels on the surface.


          Yeah, its a little bit confusing.


          CSG -> The lower the number the better the shadows (represents texels)
          Static Meshes -> The higher the number, the better the shadows (represents texture size)


            Whoops, sorry - my mistake.