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    Terrain editing


    I am currently working on an RPG and I would like to know if its possible to merge two terrain together in order to have a perfect transition from one to the other ?

    Currently I have two terrain but when editing it to create mountains, it creates a gap between them.. is there a way to fix that or do I have to make a really big terrain ?

    please help

    I dont know much about the terrain editor, but if you can't make them transit perfectly perhaps you could export their height maps and join them in a photo editing program and import it onto a larger terrain? But im sure someone here has a better solution than that


      I don't know. I never had any luck trying to match up multiple terrains and lord did I try for about a month.

      I finally gave up and made a bigger terrain. Luckily, you can make some monster-sized terrains before you start to have any major issues.

      Now, if you absolutely must keep what you have, there's a real tedious way to go about it:

      Make sure that "ShowWireframe" is on for both terrains and make sure they are 100% aligned in Top view. Next, you will need a very small brush with NO falloff (32 should be fine on most terrains) and very low strength. Now it is up to you to systematically "push/pull" each vertex with the paint tool into place.

      I got this to work alright with a few small terrains, but try as you might, there's no efficient way to get rid of the seam (it's really obvious when lit up close). If you can live with a minor lighting seam and/or have enough clutter around to detract from it, I am sure this could work fine.


        Thanks Ill give it a try


          Another option is to overlap the terrains, then have the terrains dip into each other in a curve or wiggly line by randomly push/pulling them alternately.

          The wiggly seam looks a lot more natural than a straight cut across the world, and any bad bits which you really can't get looking ok even with foliage, just scatter some rocks or other static meshes to hide them.

          Also, plan early when placing terrains to take advantage of places they could merge. Features like cliffs, steps, rivers or buildings provide bottlenecks where you can hide the transition between terrains.


            There is a merge terrain tool in the terrain editor, just be 100% sure that the terrains' edges are lined up, and the height is lined up at the origins. Then select the merge tool and press ctrl+left click when you see the stitch pattern appear.


              Really? They got that to work?

              Did not know that at all. I tried the Merge Terrain tool a while back when I was trying to, well, merge my terrains, but it just crashed instantly.

              Cool stuff I will give that a whirl the next time it comes up. I'd suggest making a back-up just in case though.


                Thanks guys, ill try the merging tool