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Construction of rooms

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    Construction of rooms

    I have a serious problem, or use UDK editor, or 3ds max 2009 for the construction of rooms (walls, ceilings, floor).

    Why room?

    Now when I use the flashlight and the light hits the threshold it shows the penetration of light. even as the brush is connected without interruption.

    I know quite well UdK editor and my colleague - 3ds max.

    He intends to do the whole room in 3ds and I will import it as a Static Mesh. After attempts to illuminate the strange room, in addition, I can not correctly calculate the collision.

    Do you know how to make correct level to make it professionally?
    How to properly level should be done?


    light source - spot light
    bsp brush - on geometry mode (extrude on floor) with subtraction

    what's wrong
    maybe someone knows a good tutorial


      Don't do large flat surfaces with meshes, use BSP, it lights far better and already has collision set to it. Just make sure you keep the vertices snapped to the largest grid possible or it does go funky.

      If you do want to continue with meshes: use seperate blockingvolumes, make a collision brush or import collisions from max. the first being the easiest.


        Thanks for the quick reply! That kind of response needed.

        Please have a clue what to do, that there was no such clearances as well as on the screenshot.


          For something large like a room you would need to create a light map in the second UVW spot within 3ds max. Just unwrap like you would for texturing but have nothing overlapping. BSP's are much heavier then static meshes and you can get better results with a mesh it just takes a little more work.


            Hm so you mean to say that for static meshes used for rooms and things to unfold the UV map correctly and then bake the lighting into it?