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Brushes not being drawn in Brush Wireframe view

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    Brushes not being drawn in Brush Wireframe view

    None of my brushes are appearing in Brush Wireframe mode, when I'm in the perspective viewport. They all appear in Unlit mode, but just "aren't there" in Brush Wireframe mode.

    Is there some setting that I can change to make them appear?

    Select the viewport and hit Q, that will toggle brushes on and off.


      Obvious question, do you have any lights on your level?


        Pressing Q has no effect in *Brush Wireframe* mode. The bsp which isn't visible then remains invisible.

        In Unlit mode, Q has normal effect: turning the bsp on and off.

        The issue seems to be with the actual wires themselves rendering.

        Yes, I have lights in my level.


          Realise this is almost a year old thread, but this is the first hit that comes up on google.

          So, the fix that works every time I have that problem is clicking on the arrow on the viewport toolbar (next to viewport type), Show>Use Defaults.

          You should now have your brush wireframes back and be able to edit them in geometry mode.