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Light collision.. (SOLVED)

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    Light collision.. (SOLVED)

    Hello again--?

    I have put a Directional Light and have set ambient light to light-orange (for an afternoon).

    The image is in the second floor, but the DirectionalLight goes through the doors, how can i set the doors so they can block the light?

    thank you..!

    Are the doors just static mesh or are they movers?
    Anyway goto their properties and check - cast shadow option (inside lighting category) - should be checked.


      The doors are animated... and the cast shadow´s checkbox is enabled.. is weird... but thinking,, this will not be a great problem, since i´m going to do more walls and static meshes behind the doors, so i think bsp walls will block all lights....

      By the way, i was seeing some issues with lighting with lightmass, some objects does not receives the light, but i guess this could be another thread.... going to put it now for explaining... maybe you know how is it....
      thank you Nathillien!


        If the doors would always have received the light, then it might have been a good idea to set them to cast dynamic shadows.

        But if the light is going to be blocked by other geometry then thats not necessary as you say.


          yes, like actors, i thinki i must to enable the cast of dyn shadows.... to open and close movement shadowing the surface...