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    sky light

    hello, i´m just wondering if sky light can be used to simulate ambient light...

    because i´m using a directional light , the light is entering through the windows, but all is dark, i can see only the light of the sun in the floor,,, i´m forced to add the typical ambient light to regularize the ambient ilumination, but not sure where to find this kind of light or do i must to configure the sky light to make this?...

    the problem is that sky light is aiming to down, and the roof looks black...

    what could i do?


    You're using the wrong kind of directional light. Use Dominant directional light. You can find it in the actor browser under directional light.
    And do not use sky lights. If you want ambient lighting, change the colour of indirect lighting in world properties. By default it's black (ie no light).


      oh, understood,,, i changed to dominant directionallight, but can´t find the World Properties,, how can i reach that ?

      thank you.

      ops. i found it.. thank very much.