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Strange situation

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    Strange situation

    The weirdest thing.

    I've cloned a bunch of brushes, then I had a crash. I load up the auto-save, in unlit mode and wireframe mode all the geometry is present. But when I go to brush wireframe mode all of my most recent brushes are simply not there.

    What's up with that?

    Does this mean I have to go back and rebuild all that geometry? I can't find a way to select it?

    Have you clicked build all?


      Over and over.

      This is the strangest thing. What's more I can't delete this "ghost" geometry.


        I've had the same thing before in the GoW version of the editor, I can't for the life of me remember how I solved it though. If I remember I'll post it here.


          It happened again.

          I crashed, open the auto-save, all of my geometry is visible in wireframe and texture modes, but in brush wireframe mode none of it is there.

          How can you work with geometry if there is no brush wireframe associated with it? I can't even delete it to start over again.

          This is a very serious problem, because every time it happens it destroys my map.


            Copypaste all content except the weird geometry into a blank map if left with no options.


              Here is what it looks like:

              Ceiling, thanks for the suggestion. If I select all I found I can select it to delete it.