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way to control material with matinee ?

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    way to control material with matinee ?

    hi, i 'm trying to control a material instance constant with matinee, let me explain, i'm making a level where some walls must be change to transparent walls when the player pass behind them, i have searched over the forum and i have change the material to a solid wall to a transparent wall with matinee.

    when the player touch a trigger the matinee plays and change the solid to a transparent, i have made it changing the color of the mask texture of the opacity mask value in the material.

    the problem is that when the player left the trigger, this mean the player is not touching more the trigger, the wall doesn't change to the original state of the material.

    i have used two matinee secuences, one to change to transparent and the second to reverse the effect.

    in the matinee editor the 2 effect are working right, if i use only one effect, i mean, the first trigger, both effect working, the the only part that is not working is the second trigger (when the player is not touching the trigger) when the wall need to change to the original state.

    here is my screenshoot of the kismet

    maybe i have setup something wrong in my kismet, somebody can help me with this? thank you in advance for the help.

    Make sure your trigger is set to 0 - so it will have an unlimited trigger count. If its set to 1, it will only fire once


      i agree with verm-most likely if not definite problem is that trigger is not set to 0, 0 being infinite.


        the trigger is already set to 0.