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Need Help on Crowd with Cars

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    Need Help on Crowd with Cars

    Hi guys,

    I have modeled a road intersection and used the crowd generator to create

    How can I set the crowd in such a way that if a car detects an obstacle in its path that it would slow down to a dead stop until it's path is clear and it will start too run again. Imagine this same scenario on a busy crossing without any traffic lights the motorists would just take their turn giving way to each other.

    Is this possible to set up in kismet? or Behavior? or anywhere?

    All I have made now is a busy street crossing with cars trying to avoid each other when they meet and it looks goofy and sometimes both cars run off to the sidewalk trying to avoid the other car (avoid radius) is set to minimum.

    by the way I did not know quite sure how I made it but the car actually stops for a while if I (the player) blocks it's path.

    Can I get this same behavior if the car is blocked by another car that is crossing its path.?
    Or - if the car in front stops - can I make the car behind stop also?

    Much like the same effect when a traffic light goes RED on a busy street.


      I can't answer your question; however, maybe something like this could be set up by using path nodes or maybe AI. It's an idea.