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UnrealCascade/Particle Systems - Adding a Material to a StaticMesh in particle system

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    UnrealCascade/Particle Systems - Adding a Material to a StaticMesh in particle system

    Hello again,

    My senior project is over, and now its just me working on the store level that we were doing over the last couple of months. Right now I'm trying to get the projectiles to work correctly.

    What I have right now are a bunch of weapons classes that were derived from UTWeap_ShockRifle.uc. I switched out the meshes, and I am trying to change the weapons so that they can be thrown, like projectiles (the whole idea behind that game is to be able to throw objects from a grocery/super store at other players.) So, I am changing the particle systems that the ShockRifle class are using, and trying to replace them with my own, because I don't know another way to change the weapons in UnrealScript (I'll admit it: I'm still a n00b!)

    So I have gotten to the point where I have a Mesh added to my own particle system, but I can't get the mesh's material to appear in UnrealCascade or during gameplay. Please take a look at the screenshots below and let me know what I need to do differently in order to get this to work. Many thanks in advance

    The "subject" of our test particle system.

    The material for the orange. Really simple.

    Unfortunately, this is what I see when firing my orange.

    The orange in UnrealCascade. Required options displayed.

    Mesh Material options displayed.

    Mesh Data options displayed.

    you should check color over life. Maybe set some initial color.


      The color needs to be the emissive, not diffuse. Static meshes through cascade aren't lit; although there may be a work around for that.


        mathes' idea worked! Dragging another link in the Orange material to emissive made the material appear.