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    Unit Conversion

    Hey guys,
    I've been looking around and i'm a little confused on unit conversion from real life to Unreal Units.
    The UDN site says this:
    "In all of the Unreal Tournament games, 1 Unreal Unit is equal to 2 cm. In Gears of War approximately 2 Unreal Units equal 1 inch, because the characters are 156 units tall and a floor of a building is 256 units tall. This was decided on for grid purposes and so our cover height worked out well.
    Most licensees use a scale of 1 Unreal Unit to 1 cm."

    So..just to clear things up is this saying for the UDK 1UU=1cm?
    If not, what is the conversion?
    I'm currently building my house in UDK and i've taken the conversion measurements from unrealwiki which is .545UU=1cm and that is so not to scale :P lol I'm supposing that was for the older UT2004.
    Also, whats the player model size? My old Mastering Unreal book says its 96UU high and 52UU wide and also thats based on UT2004.

    So yeah, i hope thats clear..

    I've read soo much documentation about all kinds of different things, but this is what I use and what I know works.

    In 3ds max, I'm using "generic units" and have set 1UU to be 1cm. When I export something thats 64 units in max, it imports as 64 unreal units. Knowing this, I build everything to scale of the default unreal character, which I believe I've read is 6 feet tall so thats what I assume. The default character is 96 units high, so my scale is 96 units = 6 feet or 16 units per foot. It hasn't failed me yet...


      No, it is saying 1UU=2cm.

      Simply put, setup the scale in Max or Maya as cm and work in half scale.

      1UU = 1 Max or Maya units.
      1UU = 2cm

      So if you build things to actual scale and bring it into UDK, they will be twice the size. So... build half scale.