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    Hi all...

    my question is quite simple... in the editor i got an ambient light enought good for what i´m looking for...

    but when i "build all" and "play from here" in the scenery, i got some contrastless ambient.... what do i must to do to achieve the same ambient of the editor?.

    looks like there is a dense fog... is weird...

    i just want to look like the first image but when playing.. thank you!

    Press "g" to toggle game mode in the editor and see if the contrast changes in the editor window.


      thanks for answering, yes i pressed G and looks well, i was seeing something...

      "Build ALL" does not looks be the same to Build Lights and Geometry separately,,,, because, I build lights, then I build geometry and then works fine the ambient, but when i press Build All the fog occurs.... is weird....

      other thing I was noticing, that if i press Build All, the player with link gun does not appear, just i can move a camera around, but when i build light and then build geometry, the player and link gun appear..... is this common?
      thank you.