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Mesh not being solid

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    Mesh not being solid

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering could anyone help me out on this slight problem I have been having, I have created a roman style temple in Sketchup, Exported it to Maya then exported it as a .DAE file.

    The mesh loads perfectly into the UDK engine without textures etc. When I run the game I can pass directly through the object. I have searched all over the net and checked all of the settings, I´m not sure what I´m doing wrong.

    Could anyone be so kind to help.



    Dubble click your mesh and genereate a collision mesh.


      I´ll give that a try, ty so much for quick reply



        I will keep posting this link in threads like this. There's a wealth of information on UDN, it really should be checked out, save yourself from hours of frustration.


          from what I understand you used maya to convert your sketchup model. Some advice for the next time you model:

          Sketchup isn't a good tool for modeling, even though it's easy to use, it doesn't support lightmaps, neither does it light well vertex lit. You can use it to make a base mesh, which you can work from in other programs like Max, XSI, Maya or Blender.

          Collisions need to be done in the Unreal engine itself; you can use blockingvolumes, the autoconvex collision tool or using the builder brush. shouldn't be too hard to achieve.


            @MadV Will take a look at the link thanks for the info

            @Beastenator Also thank you for the advice, I´ll have to become more familiar with Maya it seems .

            Thank you


              Collision can be made in Sketchup or Maya by creating a very simple collision setup and naming it the same as your model with the suffix _UCX. Then when you bring this into Unreal it will be used as the collision for your model.