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    Keeping an overview

    This might be because I'm not a native english-speaker and I'm pretty sure "overview" is not the right word for what I mean, but:

    In a complex level, how do you keep things organized? Is there a function like layers from Maya or Photoshop to fade out parts of the level? When I first opened one of the example-levels in the UDK, the lines especially in the orthogonal viewports were overwhelming but I thought this is because I'm new to the editor, but I have advanced but still have a hard time making sense out of the level. I know I can fade out categories like meshes and so forth, but this is really not what I am looking for. I want so see everything, but only in a small space, for example one single room.

    You can add various entities to "Groups" via their properties. Then when you want all actors from a particular Group, you click on the search Icon, then go to the drop-down menu and set it to search for groups and type in the name of the group.

    As long as you give your groups unique names (IE - CaveEntrance, RedTeamFlagRoom, NorthParkingStructure, etc.) you will only have to type the first few letters before the filter begins to show the group(s) you want.

    This is great because if you want to take this a bit further with particular asset types for a specific group, you can do like the following example Group names:


    ...and so on. As long as you type the word "Church" in the search bar, all of these groups would be displayed, but if you added the last bit (like say, "_Lights") you would be able to select every light in that group at once for adjustments.

    I don't know if there is a limit to the characters you can have in a Group's name, but I like to take this even one step beyond the above, particularly with Lights if I have a lot of different kinds of lights all attached to one building/room/area and all of them need the same settings, as follows...

    Instead of JUST lights, I may have a bunch of wall lamps and chandeliers and maybe even candles, so I would have groups:



      Awesome, thanks!