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    Random Pawn Behavior

    Okay, so in my level I want to spawn X amount of pawns and have them move randomly to various locations I designate with path nodes. My current Kismet setup works fine with one pawn, but as soon as I spawn 2 or more, it breaks. One pawn will still move from point to point randomly, but the others will move once or twice and will then just stop.

    I also get the error "...failed to spawn at player start_4..." so I added a second spawn location hoping this would fix the problem. Well, it did and it didn't--I'm no longer getting that error, but now the second pawn doesn't move at all.

    Here's an image ref of my setup

    I'll take any advice I can get. Thanks

    Okay, so apparently the pawns have to be stored in a list for later use; otherwise the sequence will only access one of the pawns and will ignore all others. So now I have a total of four pawns (each spawning in its own unique location) that will move to a random path node.

    The only issue I'm running into now is that each pawn must complete the "move to actor" function before the sequence will access (& move) another random pawn, which is making the pawn behavior still look very mechanical.