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    A few questions

    ok so I'm trying to make a rather simple game (Fight till you die against weak enemies that spawn in waves)

    So I want to use the crowd actor to do this. (probably the easiest way to spawn quite a few enemies at once right?)

    But I have a few questions (sorry, I'm really new with UDK)

    In order of importance.

    1. How do I spawn enemies in waves. Do I have to just set a delay between waves of various times, or is there a way to do it to spawn the next wave once the first has been killed. (or for that matter delayed spawning of all of the actors in the wave, instead of spawning a few hundred at once)

    2. How do I make each kill on an enemy go into a variable (I.E. points system of some kind)

    3. How do I display those points at the top of the screen so the player can view their score.