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The problem with shadow UDK March

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    So the problem may be brought together with a map created in February beta. Hmm, but the problem does not always occur, I made a few in a similar manner and it was OK.

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    Only the February beta and later. I don't know a fix, but it affects all mobile primitives and skeletal meshes that cast a dynamic shadow...

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    Nobody had such a problem?

    However, earlier versions also have this problem!

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  • started a topic The problem with shadow UDK March

    The problem with shadow UDK March

    Hi everyone!

    I was building a map in the UDK February. I downloaded a new version of the UDK March. I opened a new UDK my map, and pressed the "Build All". When the program ended with Lightmass, I saw a strange shadow. Like a shadow passes through all the walls. This happens when you insert an object on the map "Mover" (a blind).

    This is the map data:

    Type of lights: Directional Light Domination
    Walls: BSP (Cube)
    Mover: allows you to convert from BSP -> Static Mesh -> Mover

    Only changed

    Emissive Boost: 2.0
    Diffuse Boost: 8.0

    Lightmap Resolution: 64.0
    Lightning Channels: BSP, Dynamic Composite, Dynamic

    Brightness: 7.0
    Can Affect Dynamic Prmitives: True
    Light Shadow Mode: Light Shadow Modulate
    Lightning Channels: BSP, Composite Dynamic, Dynamic, Static

    Lightning Channels: Dynamic

    And Screenshot:

    Where is the problem?
    Anyone knows a good tutorial on lighting (how to) to get nice lighting, and manage it wisely?