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Physics, Kismet or Matinee? Forcing the rotation of one actor onto another...

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    bump! Any suggestions? Even if it's a point in the right direction, i.e. look at SeqAct_******* script - (I've been looking hard at this one!) Any help is appreciated.


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  • Physics, Kismet or Matinee? Forcing the rotation of one actor onto another...

    Hey guys,

    Here's my problem :

    I have a large platform that I want to rotate in relation to a smaller pannel.

    The larger platform is round and is constrained (at it's centre) on top of a large pole.

    The smaller platform is constrained to swing around a smaller pole.

    As I move (using the physics gun) the smaller paddle I want the larger platform to spin on top of the pole in relation to the paddles movement/rotation.

    I have 2 rigid bodies that I am using for the paddle and the platform, they are constrained using hinge constraints that have been rotated 90 deg to allow the 'twist' constraint to act as a pivot point. All other constraint values other than twist are set to true (meaning that the constriained objects can only 'spin' (- twist) on their axis.

    Does anyone know how I would use either kismet, matinee or maybe a pulley constraint to get this working?

    I have managed to get it working in kismet using the 'get rotation' and 'set rotation' nodes, however it effectively runs the script every frame and is not a viable option - or at least, the way I set it up!

    Matinee was not such a good option as I want the movement to be relative/dynamic not a - when the paddle moves - play this animation of the platform turning.

    I would really appreciate any help you can offer on this as I am getting pretty stuck!

    Many thanks,