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Size of Map increased dramatically

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    Size of Map increased dramatically

    hey all,

    I have been playing arround with a map for some time now. It was pretty stable in size (approx. 198MB to 240MB) now I wanted to reduce the size of the map and shrinked the level as much as possible.

    Additionally I shrinked the light mass volume (resp. made more precise).

    After I rendered it, it suddenly increased in size by additional 110MB.

    I also played arround with DOF for the first time... Has somebody an idea what kind of factor can increase the size such strongly?

    Additionally I changed the skydome...

    It was always rendered with the same settings.

    Any idea would be great.

    Kind regards,


    Increasing the resolution of your lightmap's will increase your levels size by quite a bit. I know on my other level, I wanted to see what it would look like with most of my assets at 512 and the BSP at 2, it went up from 30mb to 90mb.


      When you say 'rendered', I'm assuming you mean 'built'. If that's the case, the additonal size is the lightmaps that hadn't been generated before.


        Thanks for the answers so far.

        Yes, I mean build. My problem is, that I do not understand why it increased, even so the terrain is smaller then before. I have build the previouse version with the same settings.

        And now my optimized package is suddenly that much bigger...

        I did two major changes in the map: Exchange of the skybox into one with moving clouds and exchange of a the static mesh for showing water with an BSP.

        Do you think that one of those could be the reason?



          Well the thing you can always do is change the things the way they were before (skybox, water) and see if the size stais the same.

          But I doubt that skybox could be the source of your problem. If I understand you correctly you replaced the "water" static mesh with a BSP surface or rectangle - now here we could have a possible offender for your 100MB increase in map size - Let me ask you how big the BSP is in editor units and what is the Lightmap resolution of that BSP - Rightclick on the BSP surface> Surface Properties - Lightmap Resolution (watch out - the smaller number here means a bigger resolution - default is 32)

          If you want to check deeper what is eating your memory size check out the primitive stats of your level along inside with content browser:
          Or goto View dropdown menu > Browser Windows > Primitive Stats.
          Check out the Resource Size, Lightmap and Shadowmap rows to se what static meshes or terrain or BSP (refered as "Model" here) eats your memory.


            Hey Nathillien,

            thanks for the hint with the Primitive Stats. Thats really helpful in general :-)

            However, I replaced yesterday night the water surface BSP again with a static mesh (in fact I just converted it) and there you go. This morning the size of the map was reduced by 100MB.

            So the issue is solved. I did underestimate how much more a BSP swallows against a static mesh if it goes to large objects.

            Here are a few screens of the level so far :-)