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Lighting Problem

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    Lighting Problem

    Hi guys,

    I have made a scene to test the light. In the scene, i have 2 lights, 1 is LightPoint and 1 is DominantDirectionalLight.

    I can not have the shadow of the bamboos.
    And at the next picture I used a DominantDirectionalLight but still not have the shadow on the ground. Although there was shadow on the gun (if u look carefully).

    Now it becomes stranger.

    When the camera is far, there is no shahow.

    But when i move closer, the shadow appears.

    After BuildAll, the shadow disappears event i stay at the same position before i built all.

    when you build the lighting are you uncheckin lightmass or is it checked?


      i did check the lightmass before i build the light


        try adding a skylight, and adjust the brightness to it to fit you map.


          The shadows are baked into lightmaps... so have you enabled lightmaps on those rocks on which the shadow is gonna be cast upon? And are they high-res enough?


            Is the floor BSP? If so, select it, press F5 and set the resolution to something like 4 or 8. Then build all again and your shadows should be there.


              in the dominant directional light, set a value of a couple thousand uu for the light-> directionallightcomponent-> whole scene dynamic shadow
              Bear in mind the shadow resolution may be too granular to pick up fine details tho, so if the mesh is too thin it may not show well. If you're feeling brave you could try increasing the shadow resolution in the ini's, but that will only hurt performance.
              That would make a accurate shadow controlled by the sky.

              To control it instead by the fire nicely, convert the grill mesh into a mover and make sure the fire light has the composite dynamic channel enabled so that it will interact with the mover's lightenvironment. This is sampled at the mesh's pivot i think so make sure that is encompassed by the light.

              No skylights, no crazy-high lightmap resolutions.