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Making materials reflective?

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    Well i think it's normal to have it use same texture for one area every time. However for other areas you can just make many material instances with different texture parameters. You know how to use material instances, right?


      Oh yes, looks great. I think they used same cube map in all rooms, though. Also light settings contribute alot to that glossy look too, but in the end it's all about how you mix your reflections with your main texture. Since it's all about light reflections, maybe you could just add it to diffuse, letting it to look overexposed. Normally you do those mixes just with Lerp, but if that's not enough maybe it's a good idea to make some output to emissive, so that reflected flares stand out and actually glow even in a shadowed area.


        alright i guess i will have to experiment with photoshop, to make flare effect look good.
        By the way is there way to import .mat files into udk? Becaue it looks like i could extract them from mass effect, to see settings

        Also there is big package textures.tfc would be very nice to open it up and see some examples of floor cubemaps and floor tiles, but i cant seem to find tool for opening it