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    hello, i need help making the lensflare work I've been scanning the net and cant really find anything that tells you how to make it work .

    thanx in adavnce.

    Heres a vid on what what it should look like


      Well I have not made my own custom lens flare et. But if you want to use the lens flares provided with UDK

      Go to your generic Browser and in the ActorClass Tab at the top there will be a "LensFlareSource" actor you can add to your scene. Place this actor were u want your Flare to be at. And then open the properties of the Lens flare by double click it or right clicking and opening the "Properties Tab"
      Or just by clicking the lens flare and simply pressing "F4"

      Look for the LensFlare tab

      Open it and look for were it asks for you to input a "LensFlare" from the generic browser.

      Find a lens-flare that is provided with UDK and insert it into the Lens Flares Actors properties.

      And there ya go!

      If you want to look at how a lens flare material is built. Find one in the generic browser and see how Epic put them together.

      Hope this helped


        oh ive herd around that lensflare for some reason dosent work in dec-now udk i dont know why.


          thanks Rghol for your help. Its really useful