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Udk various problems

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    Udk various problems

    Hello, i'm a begginer with UDK and looked tutorials and documentation but i have two problems that can't resolve and seems not to have solution.

    The first problem is, i cooked a game with 2 levels, and there is a platform with kismet with a trigger that when touched, it switches from one level to other. There is no problem with the transition between levels if i run the game with Visual Studio, but if i cook the game, the level transition screen appears, and it remains, it doesn't charge the second map.

    The other problem is, in one of this levels i have water but when the level comes up, the water is green, and when i walk in the water, it takes the normal color but i want to take that color when the level comes up. And every time i open the map with the editor, the watter appears green to.

    Thanks a lot everyone!

    anyone? :P