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Keeping an object from respawning until it hits the ground

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    Keeping an object from respawning until it hits the ground

    Hey all, still pretty new to UDK so I hope this makes some sense. Im trying to simulate falling debris in my level (which will be able to be slowed down and jumped onto). Its for a mod I'm working on that will involve time based puzzles.

    Right now I just have a map that spawns some crates at certain spawn locations using an actor factory class (and modifies the bPawnCanBaseOn... so the player can jump onto it without bouncing off). Which works fine so far... however atm it just loops onto itself...I want the actor factory to only respawn the crate if it touches the ground (or in my case a static mesh that I laid onto the ground...thought it would be easier). When the crate touches the ground it should destroy itself before spawning another crate actor. That way the player wont get boxes landing on his head as he tries to navigate the terrain!

    Doesn't seem to be working like I would want it to. Box just falls onto the mesh and doesn't disappear. Here's what my kismet sequence looks like atm.

    Pic is kinda big... here's a link to it instead.
    Also note that I have tried this with both the 'Use Instigator' option of the Static mesh touch actor event checked / unchecked.

    Let me know if you need me to explain it better!

    A static mesh is not going to generate Kismet events or be affected by Kismet actions since it is, well, bStatic.


      o ok, should I make a trigger and just stretch the collision box of it out??

      My actor factory makes UTKassets... will that be what I need to have in the triggers touch class proximity types (which I did)?? Still not working for me =/


        bump* can anyone point me in the right direction?? I've been looking though the UDK tuts on kismet / physics but it doesn't look like it will help me much for this.


          Have you tried experimenting at all or are you just waiting for an answer?


            o_O Sorry, I didn't mean to sound like that. I'm not just waiting for an answer *promise. I've been trying to find what type of actor I can spawn..that isnt the player.. that can be affected by triggers. But that doesn't really go too well in a search bar.

            It's hard to phrase the question into something that has been explained in a tutorial etc. I was really just hoping for some direction into what I should be looking into. I suppose since I cant find much on it, it hasn't been talked about much.

            I guess for now unless someone can point me in another direction i'll look into making my own actor. See if I can get it to store its x,y,z values...

            I got it working.


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