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Matinee - is direct control over time possible?

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    Matinee - is direct control over time possible?

    I want to use matinee as central hub for several animation, like it is designed to work.

    But i want direct control over time, ie set value of it and use matine to recalculate all values, then set all actors to corresponding states.

    That is different from current, start/stop rewind play. Instead of play i want to set state of all actors to 1.2sec into animation, then jump to 4.2 sec etc. This could be very usefull to control state of several actors with one matine. Instead of huge kismet network.

    So is that kind of using matine possible?

    If above is possible, can i play matinee for eg. from 1.0 sec to 2.5 sec on demand?

    I was thinking about something like this the other day. Here's a mockup of the connections I think you would need. I don't know how to generalize it, but maybe you could use external variables for the Start and End bubbles or something? I haven't read up on how that works yet

    Hmm, you might need to turn on RewindOnPlay too to make that work, not sure.


      This may be what i am looking for. TAG