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Super Annoying Bug!! materials refused to be changed

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    It's probably one of Epic's sky spheres, right?

    Just put the static mesh in the world and drag the material you want from your content browser on top of the static mesh in the scene.

    This should work fine. You should also turn off all the lighting settings within the static mesh properties since the material is unlit.

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  • Super Annoying Bug!! materials refused to be changed

    Hi , i've been trying to change the material for my skybox.

    I've tried changing it to multiple materials on StaticMeshEditor under LODINFO->0 ->elements -> 0 --> Material

    everything i hit change, the TEXT changed, the preview at the right side didn't change. If i hit delete text, the preview still show nohting. If i close the staticmesh editor and reopened, same thing happen.

    FUnny thing is, this only happen with skybox. I even try changing to ANOTHER skybox material ( not texture, i double checked it's material ) . Tried all kinda of material , just wouldn't change. All 4 skybox, all of them are annoying as hell refused to change material. Try unloading, saving , reloading, resaving the content. Nothing helped.

    Anyone encounter this before?