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Replacing materials in skydomes.

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    Replacing materials in skydomes.

    I installed UDK with the default contents, and want to change material on the small red skybox.
    But this is what I get:

    Any ideas how to adjust it into place?
    (Attempted to add a 360 panoramic image to S_UN_Sky_SM_SkyDome03)


    Okay, so I have done something wrong with the material.
    So I Added a light.
    Now it is clear that it needs an adjustment.
    Blue horizon line has been lowered, but that is because I lowered the entire skydome :/

    Open for suggestions :s


      This just in:

      Created a new image file.
      Stumbled over one of Hourence's tutorials, so I fixed the material lighting.
      Image used

      So, using this program Bryce, I will need to make my panorama renders right.
      I do not have the correct degrees for camera pan, field of view etc.
      But I think I'll work it out.

      One important question; how big resolution can I use, and what aspect ratio?
      Imported a 2048x512 bmp, and that was not enough.


        There are 3 different skydomes in there, and they all have a different setup. When opening a skydome mesh, click the show UV button in the top left, and you will see that each one is laid out differently and supports a different style of sky map. You need to decide which style works best for you and what kind of images you think you'll be using. I *think* skydome03 is the one that supports a long rectangular map like you're mentioning above (2048x512). The one in the picture above is probably the good old fashioned take a sphere, cut it in half, invert it. A half-sphere default UV layout will result in that pinched/broken up section at the top of the half-sphere.

        Also, SEARCH. There are like a dozen skydome threads out there, and contain useful information that may help