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[SOLVED] Editing Axis ?

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    [SOLVED] Editing Axis ?

    I've made a door with 2 Panels.
    they should rotate on to be opened, but the axis is palced on the wrong side.

    as you can see my axis is on the center of the door while should be on the left side.

    the mesh is create in 3DSMax and exported as Collada, i've also animated the door directly in Max, but i've no idea on how to play my animation

    i was wondering if there are some parameter diretly in UDK or some way to move the pivot.

    You can change the pivot in udk in right clicking on the mesh and use pivot actions.
    Or re-export your model with the right pivot (not sure, but when you export a mesh wherever is your model pivot, the real exported pivot will be the 0,0,0 world coordinates).

    And for animate a door, use matinee instead of animation, I think it's a beter way


      lol now i've seen it
      pivot/move here

      .. but this din't solve the problem, the door didn't rotate on the new axis :-\

      as you can see, the door follow his path, with the default pivot


        got it,
        i've to save the new pivot ^^
        after click on "pivot/move here"
        you have to left click again on the mesh and select
        "pivot/Save Pivot to Pre Pivot".