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2 problems with speedtree ....

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    2 problems with speedtree ....

    Ok, Ive successfully exported a tree I made but there is 2 problems.

    1. When I Import the textures into UDK and assign them to the tree mesh it has a green background behind the leaf texture. I checked if it had an alpha channel in gimp and it did.

    2. Ignoring the 1st problem I tested my tree out and when it was encoding the light maps UDK crashed

    Does anyone have a solution ? Had a good old 2 hrs at trying to sort it out yesterday but failed.


    I dont understand exactly what is your problem for your first problem...But here a video that might help you:

    my first idea about your problem would be the material, Or
    Once, I had a problem too that could MAYBE be your problem? :

    I fixed by desactiving the bilboard into properties

    About your second prob, I guess you don't have enough memory for the lighting of your map...(pics would helps for sure )


      Are you sure you've plugged the leaf textures' alpha into the opacity/opacity mask slot in the material? Or that you've designated that the material is either masked or translucent?



        thx, will look at the vids


        I cant remember plugging the alpha for the textures into the opacity mask. will try it out

        anyway, here is the problem :


          I think Speedtree doesn't work with Lightmass at the moment. Disable lightmass for the speedtree actors to stop it crashing when encoding lightmaps.


            I dont use lightmass, takes to freaking long to compile lighting + this is in the UDK Speedtree mesh editor


              Lightmass works with speedtrees (for me at least), and it seems that you haven't plugged the opacity mask into the mask node. Also remember to set the material type into masked.
              Is the texture a DXT3 (or DXT5) texture after importing and saving it?



                mask nod
                where was the mask node ?

                Is the texture a DXT3 (or DXT5) texture after importing and saving it?
                Im not rly sure, I would have to check


                  Perhaps there is the cause of the problem to Materials.
                  please look for Blend Mode.and set to BLEND_Masked or BLEND_Translucent.



                    working now

                    Thx Doraya