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Uiscene and Texture atlas

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    Uiscene and Texture atlas

    I have to load power of two textures, because the udk limitation.
    Then i made a 1024x1024 texture, but want to use just 1024x768 for the Image Widget in the UIScene.

    How can i do this?

    i am not sure this will work i am just throwing an idea out there.

    make a 1024*1024 sized document(hopefully u are using photoshop because thats what i am explaining this in but it will probably work in anything)

    then take your 1024*768 and move it onto your 1024*1024 doc and leave the the little checkered boxes and stuff that means it is translucent there.

    then save and hopefully it will go into your UIscene and then you will be able to see through to your background

    once again i have not tested this and it is just a helpful idea. hope it works


      Not worked =(


        I always just take the 1024x768 texture and resize it in Photoshop to 1024x1024 so it stretches a little. Then import that and make the image widget int he UIScene the correct aspect (for 1024x768 that would be 4:3) and assign the texture to it. It will scrunch back up to fill the image widget and be the correct aspect again.

        You should be able to use materials in an image widget so you could always manipulate the texture coords in the material to scale and/or offset the texture however you want and then use the material instead of just a texture if you actually had a texture atlas and needed to only show a portion of it.


          Oh, thanks, that helped.