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Strange CSG issue with Unreal's editor

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    Strange CSG issue with Unreal's editor

    Hello there! Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I thought this the best place.

    I recently downloaded the UDK, have worked with unreal engine 3 before but never encountered this issue.

    Basically I'm having trouble adding or subtracting with CSG in the editor. I'll start the editor up, create a new level (additive). I can see the red mesh on screen which acts as a stamp for creating the CSG but when I click the CSG add icon it doesn't work as expected.

    The red mesh will remain and the dev textures (the grey and blue box pattern) will not appear. Upon further investigation if I move the red mesh out of the way I can see, in top and side view, that there is infact a mesh block present. I cannot add materials to this mesh nor does it appear at all in perspective view.

    Any suggestions?

    I'll post screen shots and a step by step guide later, I'm a little busy with work flow at the moment but any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Try building and running the map to see if it appears in game. If it does you probably just hit the "Q" on your keyboard by accident. See if hitting "Q" again brings it back.

    Or on your 3D view-port, at the view-port's top menu, the most left icon, "▼", clicking on it will bring down a menu, hit "Show > Use defaults". You can also turn the visibility of different things on and off from there.

    I hope it was simply that because I don't know what else it could be.


      Incredibly sorry for this. Problem was caused by my innate knowledge of the shortcut keys.
      Pressing Q toggles the brushes display, therefore, revealing my work.

      Thanks Dn2 for the simple fix. This thread should be closed now.