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how to make a Translucent shadow in udk?

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    how to make a Translucent shadow in udk?

    how to make a Translucent shadow in udk?
    hello everyone,I am a beginner in udk!i read the link of and try to
    make a level for test the Translucent shadow,but it does not work,there is same screenshot for the level and metarial , someone can tell me what's wrong with this! thanks a lot!

    i can't paste my screenshots, here is the link:

    I did not played with translucent shadows in udk yet, but:

    "Light passing through a translucent material that is applied to a static shadow casting mesh will lose some energy, resulting in a translucent shadow."

    It says light passing trough.

    So try to have light on other side, and material twosided. Also set material to unlit (that should be done for all materials that use emissive only). If this does not help try changing blend mode to additive or multiply.

    Also alpha map or transmission map may be wrong. For testing such features, best is make gradients from black to full white (so you are sure that all possible shades are there).