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    Static mesh question

    I have been playing with the BSP brush and I reallized that you can convert a Brush made object to a static mesh.

    Seeing that I can create a static mesh from UDK alone. Are there any advantages or dis advantages to creating a static mesh from UDK other than an external app such as blender and 3ds max. other than tools. I Actually find it rather much easier creating world geometry using UDK than Blender.

    With blender i am expected to create a UV map where as UDK I can just specify the uv coordinates using seemless materials.

    Also with creating static mesh, Does the UT engine expect a Solid mesh? or is it ok to delete out polies that are never visible to the camera.

    You can create infinitely more detailed meshes with a 3d application like Max, Maya, Blender, Silo, etc than you ever could out of BSP/CSG objects. There is an enormous amount of flexibility that BSP/CSG does not have. That being said, if you're simply building walls, boxes, cylinders, stairs, etc, you should definitely use BSP/CSG.

    To the best of my knowledge, you can get away Deleting out polys not visible to the camera so long as they are on static objects and will never be visible to the camera. Most of my experience is in UT2004, so tell me if this has changed.


      Well actually UDK is not all that bad for creating objects with. It has the tools like extrude, weld, slice like most other csg editors. And it has a pretty good snapping system not to mention it can snap as low as 1 unit. Others like deled only go as small as 2 units. And I already have to scaling figured out with UDK.
      As I said you would only use it for world geomtry, streets, walls, pillars and so on. which you Could use the bsp for exept that static mesh objects have far more advantages over bsp.
      I guess what i'm asking is if there are any performance differences between creating a static object in Udk with having csg like texturing as opposed to having a static object created in blender with a single uv texture.
      And wether or not the engine is capable of running None solids object in the same way as running a solid object. Some engines do not run well with none soild mesh.

      Also, is there a way to save the brushes after i've edited them, perhaps for future editing?


        I personally only use BSP for a few things. First I use it to flesh out my level so I can get a perspective of what it will look like in game. After That, I replace it all for static meshes and only use BSP for some streets, walls and to make sure occlusion is working properly. Even then, I usually cover up the BSP wall's with static meshes.