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request - proper prefabs

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    request - proper prefabs

    the legacy prefab system in udk is a bit rubbish

    id like to request a new one with these features-


    - making an actorgroup should be 1-click. there is no need to save the actorgroup , it should be just a container for objects similar to max assemblies.

    - instanceactorgroups as a seperate object from regular actorgroups, specifying a *master* actorgroup and dynamically keeping it synced. - the ability to propagate changes simply from the *master* actorgroup to the instances.

    - actorgroups should not HAVE to be saved, this is cumbersome. information for the actorgroup should be kept in the map package. however theres no reason why actorgroups CANT be saved, since theyre just links to other objects.

    - the ability to perform transform and mirror operations on actorgroups without anything breaking, axes becomming offset etc. this can be done with selections of objects so why not with actorgroups? scaling actorgroups should alter the POSITIONS of lights as well as their radius

    Agreed, the prefab system seems very primitive as is. :/


      Yup it could be great tool if not all those ancient "features".

      Also after duplicating prefab it gets rotated to orginal rotation. Kind of annoying when you try to place prefabs in circle.

      Oh also simple spacing tool like it is done in max would be awesome.