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    Place mover or kactor mesh (normal mesh just make it any kind of dynamic).
    Select that dynamic mesh, open kismet, and right click to add node, it will give you "Event using mesh". Just add it, there are normal trigger properties.

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    Shootable Button

    Hi all,

    I'm just starting to play around with the editor. What I'd like to try to do is make a shootable toggle button for a light, but I'm not sure how.

    I managed to make a light toggle via kismet on a 'touch' event ( , but I'm not sure what I can use to fire an event when something gets shot.

    I tried the Take Damage event, but that doesn't work on anything I've got on my map so far (just basic geometry and some random static meshes), presumably because they're not sophisticated enough actors that are able to take damage.

    What can I use as a shootable button for toggling a light?