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Triggers, Physics and the mouse.

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    Triggers, Physics and the mouse.

    Hi Guys,

    I'm a newbie to the UDK. Just wanted to ask what i need to research to get started on my project.

    I'm trying to simulate doing some kind of control system for my game. For example:

    - world has a box on a platform
    - using the mouse.. say i move the mouse up and down.
    - after the up-down mouse movement the box suddenly moves.

    I'm trying to look for resources on how to do this.. any suggestions? Would this be easy just through the UDK editor.. or would i need to do some scripting ?

    Thanks guys!

    You need Unrealscripting for this, although perhaps you would be able to come up with a very hacky UI Kismet setup if you really want too.

    Using UnrealScript would be the best though.

    I don't think there are resources online that can tell you how to do this, like with most very specific things. Look through the Whizzle document to see how to manipulate the mouse, and make a 2D setup.

    Topic is better suited for the Unrealscript forum.


      thanks 4 d reply i will look into this right away