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im having a big problem

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    im having a big problem

    well im trying to do that fracture thing.

    and ive followed the tutorial down to the nail.

    well anyway, i put the fracture mesh into my level, i build the lights and build all, when i start my game, the mesh aint there?

    any help please?

    okay ive sorted that now, ive got it showing up.

    is there anyway i can put a material on the inside though?

    i mean like when you shoot it and the chunks fall off you can see the blue and white squares!


      Try this

      Go to Static Mesh options in Content Browser-> Fracture Options-> LODInfo -> Loose Chuck Outside Material -> Use Selected Object In Content Browser


      Right Click object in viewport -> <object name> Properties -> FracturedStaticMeshActor -> Fractured Static Mesh Component -> FracturedStaticMeshComponent (note spaces) -> Loose Chunk Outside Material Override -> Use Selected Object In Content Browser

      Hope I helped.



        thank you for the reply.

        unfortunatly when i do either of them, i build my level and start to play it.

        well when i shoot that wall it now turns the texture to the white and blue texture even on the outside, and falls to the floor!

        i have no idea why its falling to the floor now, considerin i did put support chunks in.

        any idea as to why the texture is changing?


          As for the mesh not showing up when you play the level, it looks like the package must be saved first before it shows ingame.

          As for the chunk material I am having the same issue as you and already tried what cgseif323 suggested.