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how to import a whole .max file to UDK

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    how to import a whole .max file to UDK

    I have got a building made by 3D max .
    it is a folder ,contain a .max file and some .jpg files as texture.
    now , I want to import the whole building into my udk, I wish it would be the same from it should be in 3Dmax.
    so first ,I export the .max file to a .ASE file .
    and then import the .ASE file to UDK.
    it works, but there is no texture . It is only a static mesh with nothing.

    help me ,I just want to know how to import a whole model from 3Dmax (including metrial ,texture ,etc).

    thank you all!~~

    You also have to import the textures/materials in to the UDK.


      Yeah, you have to import the textures into the editor then make a quick material for it. If you really want to, you can do a simple material with nothing but your texture on it, but you should add a normal map, specular map, etc, when you get around to it.


        I think something that trips a lot of people up initially is that there is NO translation between your MAX/Maya materials and your UDK materials. You have to build your materials inside the UDK to be applied to the model. Any work you've done in MAX to create a material is wasted in the export process.


          Heres a link to a video that will show you how to do what you want, showed me how to do it, the video uses ut3 to do this but its the same thing really, instead of the generic browser just use the content browser here it is:

          Hope it helps



            I have got to this stage

            How do i setup the materials for the asset?

            Originally posted by [CSP]St.Sabath
            Now you have everything you need imported in your package..

            -Double click one of the new materials in the content browser and set it up.(Do this for all the materials you just added in case of Multisub.)
            -Next doubleclick your imported asset in the content browser.
            and setup the materials for the asset.
            (Note:If Multisubs are used in 3DsMax,then the Material ID number in max,correspondents with the material number in the UDK!So MatID 4 in max,need to be hooked up with Material number 4 in the UDK material setup)



              nevermind figured it out
              you can set up paths to the materials under:
              skeletal mesh properties > skeletal mesh component > rendering > materials